Who We Are

Stephan is the owner of Planet Zero Gravity, LLC. He has a very unique background that combines a broad range of skillsets helping him plan and visualize outdoor projects. Stephan has an MBA from the University of Hartford, but much of his prior schooling includes a concentration in technology and computer science. Before forming Planet Zero Gravity, he worked for the CT Department of Economic Development and a commercial real estate company. Stephan also holds a certification in Sustainable Trail Design, Construction and Maintenance, and is a skilled heavy equipment operator. When not working, Stephan enjoys mountain biking, hiking and competing in off-road triathlons.

When not helping Stephan, Donna has a career in recreation , events and creative content management through her company Positive Image Development. She has a masters degree in Physical Education and undergraduate degree in Social Science Education. Donna loves all things outdoors and was a competitive swimmer through college.

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