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Planet Zero Gravity

Trail Design and Technology

Sustainable Trail Design / Layout

From conceptual routing on a GIS map, to researching potential barriers to construction, to actually flagging a corridor, we have the knowledge and skill to help in the initial phases of a trail build. While this takes more time and planning at the start, it will save countless hours of maintenance and money spent in the future. A well designed sustainable trail requires minimal upkeep. Your average heavy equipment operator will not know how to properly route a trail.

Data Acquisition and Web Design

Planet Zero Gravity has been offering data acquisition and analysis services to the outdoor and sports industries for almost 20 years. Whether it is tracking visitors to an area or checking compliance of equipment in competitions, we can help. We also build custom web pages and a social media campaign which can showcase a project, display conceptual plans to the public using maps and video, and encourage community feedback.

Analyze Existing Trail Networks

Whether it is proposed routing for trails that have not yet been built, or an existing trail network, let us analyze them to see where potential problems may be expected to arise in the future, or make suggestions for problem areas that already exist. Sometimes this may require upgrading drainage, or potentially rerouting a section of trail. Don't keep dealing with the same issues over and over. There often is a better feasible solution.

Some of Our Recent Projects

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