site survey
trail layout for hiking and biking trails
uav mapping - terrain modeling
aerial photos using UAVs of project sites

Planet Zero Gravity specializes in precise site mapping using UAVs and GIS. Whether for trail layout, construction monitoring, surveying natural disasters, or 3D modeling of structures – we help save time and money by providing data quickly and safely.

UAV site mapping of a trail corridor

Site Mapping

Drones are changing the way we operate. Planet Zero Gravity, LLC uses UAVs and GIS software to help our customers better visualize project sites, create conceptual plans, get accurate distance and volume measurements, and track progress on projects from the air.

UAV mapping and surveys

UAV Mapping

UAVs / drones can be used for mapping and surveying existing or planned outdoor recreational facilities, construction sites, creating 3D models, elevation and terrain maps, and planning disaster recovery.
GIS mapping

GIS Software

When UAV imagery and data is combined with GIS software, one can perform additional analysis of a site. Beautiful maps can be created incorporating the aerial imagery – great for concept planning or feasibility analysis.

We are FAA Part 107 licensed and insured.

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