Aerial Photography and Videography

Getting an aerial perspective from above allows one to see things you often can’t from the ground. Our drone services, which includes aerial photography and videos, can help inventory a site, plan a bike park, quickly investigate points of interest, or better visualize a project area.

aerial drone photography and videos

Drone Footage versus Google Earth

Captured drone footage is many times more detailed than one sees using google earth. Also, who knows when Google captured an image of the area you need. For construction projects, taking aerial photos at various time intervals can keep stakeholders informed and show them how a project is progressing over time.

Planet Zero Gravity will apply CFR 14 part 107 standards to any drone services we provide, and comply with FAA airspace regulations.

For Real Estate Listings

drone real estate photography

Let us help make your real estate listing stand out from the rest with some aerial drone shots. We offer a special package for realtors which includes the drone photo shoot and editing.

For Promotional Purposes

drone promotional photography services

Whether you are on a tourism board creating promotional brochures, a travel agent needing a shot for a website, or a putting together a print ad, please contact us if you need aerial photography or videos.

We will work with any industry for your aerial photography and videography needs.