Aerial Mapping and Site Analysis

By using drones with high quality cameras and appropriate processing software, we create extremely accurate maps. Drones map a site much quicker than a surveyor on the ground, saving you time and money.

Common Applications for
Drone Mapping and Site Analysis

drones can survey a mine site

  • Producing large 2D or 3D aerial images of an area
  • Creating models of terrain/buildings/construction/mine sites from which accurate measurements can be taken including distance, area and volume
  • Documenting progress on a construction project
  • Exporting model into other software for additional uses, like CAD or GIS
  • Using generated elevation data to help with trail design
  • Planning disaster recovery efforts

Photogrammetry is the process of taking overlapping photos from different angles to produce 2D/3D models and maps.

What are the deliverables from drone photogrammetry that we provide?

site analysis - orthomosaic


An orthomosaic is one large image made by stitching together smaller images. Orthomosaics created from drone photogrammetry are corrected for lens distortion and camera tilt. Precise measurements can be taken from them.

EXPORT AS: geotiff, jpg, kmz, png

site analysis - point cloud created from drone photogrammetry

Point Clouds

A point cloud is an image made up of many individual points on an object’s surface. Point clouds created from drone photogrammetry have elevation, location and color information embedded in each point. Point clouds have many uses in various industries including 3D modeling and creating topographic maps of land.

EXPORT AS: las, laz, ply

digital surface models from drone survey - site analysis

Digital Surface Models

We create digital surface models showing the ground surface, vegetation, and man-made objects. These are useful for project visualization and accurate site analysis measurements.

EXPORT AS: geotiff