What are your Site Mapping deliverables?

We can provide 2D orthomosaics, digital elevation models, contour maps, 3D point clouds, and 3D textured meshes.

What are the benefits of getting my site mapped with a UAV versus using imagery from a site like Google Earth?

1. Images collected by drones can have a much better resolution than google provides (see comparison photo below).

2. Drone imagery is provided at the exact point in time when wanted. Data on Google Earth can be months or years old.

3. Drone maps/models can be exported into a variety of file formats for further processing and analysis in other software like CAD or GIS.

drone orthomosaic

What is a drone orthomosaic?

It is a 2D image made by combining multiple photos taken from above with the drone camera pointing straight down. Special software is used to create the orthomosaic, which creates an image that is georeferenced and accounts for lens distortions. Because of this, precise measurements can be taken from the ortho, and it can be exported as a layer into GIS for further analysis or mapping.

suffield ortho