Drones, GIS and Our Services – FAQs

What kinds of output can one get from drone mapping/survey?

The images collected by our drones, once processed with specialized software, produce orthomosiacs, digital surface models and point clouds. Accurate measurements can be taken from these maps and models.

What are the benefits of getting my site mapped with a drone versus just using Google Earth?

1. Images collected by drones can have a much better resolution than google provides.
2. Drone imagery is provided at the exact point in time when wanted. Data on Google Earth can be months or years old.
3. Drone maps/models can be exported into a variety of file formats for further processing and analysis in other software like CAD or GIS.

What is an orthomosaic?

In simple terms it is a bunch of photos stitched together to form one image. The processing takes into account lens distortion and even the curvature of the earth.

orthomosaic example