Trail Layout and Mapping

Planet Zero Gravity has a certification in sustainable trail layout, design and maintenance. We use UAVs and GIS software for mapping to help people better visualize planned and existing trails and mountain bike parks.

corridor mapping for mountain bike singletrack

Trail Layout – Design Better Trails and Bike Parks

Building a successful trail network or bike park takes lots of planning, and lots of support. Many different stakeholders should be involved in the entire trail planning process.

When it comes to mountain biking, well-designed singletrack trails can have flow, features and obstacles. What makes them fun to ride often does not have much in common with what a hiker or runner may enjoy. Planning and designing them takes creativity and knowing what makes a great trail.

Planet Zero Gravity can provide support for your trail project in several ways

Mapping and Trail Layout

Whether you are looking to show stakeholders a new parcel of land to build a trail network, need a detailed contour map to reroute a difficult section of trail, or want a terrain model so your bike park builder knows what they have to work with, aerial photography, photogrammetry and GIS provides the detail you need.

using GIS and drone orthomosaics for trail layout

Conceptual Trail Design Plans

Our Conceptual Trail Design Plans begin with a discussion of your vision and objectives. We gather background information and ask for any related documents, maps, and comments from the community to help us get a better understanding of your project. Our conceptual design plans will have site specific information that you can take to your preferred builder for construction. Here are the important items these plans can include:

  • GIS and aerial maps
  • Desired project outcomes and user experience
  • Feasibility analysis of area
  • Real estate ownership
  • Permitting requirements
  • List of project stakeholders
  • Access to area and parking
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Current assets in project area
  • Recommended best practices
  • Proposed trail routing
  • Estimated costs
  • Next steps

GIS Mapping and Trail Maps

Need a skilled GIS professional? We can help plan an existing trail network or look at trail grade to uncover potential future problems.

Need new trail maps, or maybe your existing ones are outdated? Taking a geo-referenced aerial drone footage and importing it GIS brings map creation to the next level!

GIS mapping for trail design and layout

Creating Maintenance Plans

There are thousands of miles of trails in the U.S. alone that are in dire need of maintenance. This is because of a lack of funding, lack of staff and sometimes not having the time or ability to put together a work plan to address these needs.

Planet Zero Gravity can help document needed maintenance by taking aerial footage combined with GIS maps of the area, saving time in the field by allowing much of the planning and calculations to be done from a computer using our accurate site surveys.

Some say building trails is like creating artwork. We believe that to be true!