Bike Skills Park Design

A Mountain Bike Skills Park is a specific bike park which is designed to help mountain bikers become better riders. Instead of big jumps and intimidating features, a skills park builds confidence and contains elements to help prepare riders prepare for what they may encounter in a natural trail setting. It gives riders a safe place to learn skills and progress.

Mountain bike parks have exploded in popularity the past few years. They come in many variations, and different surfaces. A big plus is they can be built in small areas, sometimes only a parcel of 1/4 acre can suffice. This makes them a great addition to urban or brownfield renovation projects.

Here is a bike skills park finder on trailforks and a good link to some statistics about mountain biking.

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How can we help with your Bike Skills Park Design

1. Connecting with your local bike community to help plan the type of park they would like to see, and the features to include within the space available.

2. Complete a feasibility study to make sure your vision is possible in the project area.

3. Take aerial drone pictures of the project area if appropriate/possible.

4. Create a mockup of the aerial image or project area showing feature layout with approximate dimensions and distances apart, and a description of each feature.

5. Provide a rough estimate of what to expect for construction costs.

6. Partner with our contacts in the industry to complete construction.

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