Conceptual Trail Design

a conceptual trail design plan

photo credit – Groundwork Bridgeport

Conceptual Trail Design Plans begin with a discussion of your vision and objectives. We will gather background information and ask for any related documents, maps, and comments from the community to help us get a better understanding of the area and your project.

Feasibility Studies – Included in our conceptual trail design plans (but can also be a stand alone document), feasibility studies are a crucial part in the planning process. This process starts with a site assessment and looks at your project area and determines what is possible and if there are any limitations. A feasibility study will uncover any potential problems which exist and may have to be addressed, or require a modification to the original planning. I thorough study can help reduce costly mistakes down the road.

Conceptual Trail Design Plans – After visiting your area and conducting a feasibility study, our conceptual design plans have site specific information and provide recommended actions. Here are some of the important items these plans may include:

  • GIS maps
  • Real estate ownership
  • Permitting requirements
  • List of project stakeholders
  • Outline of the public engagement process
  • An explanation of the desired outcomes and user experience
  • Access to area and parking
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Current assets in project area
  • Recommended best practices
  • Proposed trail routing or bike park concept including design features
  • Rough estimate of costs
  • Next steps