Conceptual Trail Plans

Planet Zero Gravity has a certification in sustainable trail layout, design and maintenance. We use UAVs and GIS to produce detailed conceptual design plans that generate interest for your project and help secure funding.

conceptual trail plans for mountain biking and hiking

Build Better Trails and Bike Parks

Our Conceptual Trail Plans begin with a discussion of your vision and objectives. We gather background information and ask for any related documents, maps, and comments from the community to help us get a better understanding of your project.

Here are the important items these conceptual trail plans can include:

  • GIS maps and aerial imagery
  • Desired project outcomes and user experience
  • Feasibility analysis of area
  • Real estate ownership
  • Permitting requirements
  • List of project stakeholders
  • Access to area and parking
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Current assets in project area
  • Recommended best practices
  • Proposed trail routing
  • Estimated costs
  • Next steps

Some say trail design is like creating artwork. We believe that to be true!