Get Trail Maintenance Funding

trail maintenance funding for closed trails

This is what your trail users do not want to see – a closed trail due to maintenance issues. It is estimated that as of 2018, there is a maintenance backlog of 193,138 miles of trails amounting to $886 million – and this is on federal lands alone!

Maintenance needs can include:

  • Repairing Erosion on a Trail
  • Pruning
  • Clearing Downed Trees
  • Sustainable Trail Reroutes
  • Bridge Repair
  • Cleaning out Drainage
  • Resurfacing Trail Tread and/or Building Outslope
  • Adding or Repairing Signage

Did you know that you can get trail maintenance funding for this type of work? The federal government has several programs available to fund infrastructure and trail projects. There are also other businesses and entities that have grants for trail design and maintenance.

However, to receive this money, a good maintenance plan and schedule of work has to be submitted in your grant application. Some organizations or individuals task to manage a trail network may not know exactly what type of sustainable maintenance is needed, or have the time or expertise to put together a plan. Planet Zero Gravity can help. We will come in and assess your trail network, log needed repairs/maintenance, and create a suggested maintenance plan including GIS maps, pictures, and aerial photography when needed.

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