Trail Grade Analysis

Natural surface trail builders follow certain general rules to minimize future maintenance problems. Making sure sections of the trail are not too steep is very important. This can be done in the field with a clinometer. However, what if you have many miles of trails to survey, or a proposed layout that is not even built yet? Using calculations within GIS can make the process much easier and quicker. We don’t even necessarily need to visit your site to do this. Just send us your gps trail files.

trail grade analysis with GIS

GIS Trail Grade and Sustainability Analysis

Using techniques within GIS, we can look at your entire trail – planned or existing, and see if there are any segments that seem unsustainable, and will create re-occuring maintenance issues in the future. This is an extremely valuable analysis, especially for planned trail networks before they go into the construction phase. It is much easier to make changes earlier in the process, saving potentially thousands of dollars as a result of poor planning.

Planet Zero Gravity, LLC is also available for in-person site visits to give other suggestions on making your trails more sustainable.