3D Site Modeling

By using drones with high quality cameras and appropriate processing software, we create extremely accurate 3D models. UAV site modeling of an area is much quicker than a person surveying from the ground, saving time and money.

Some Applications for
Site Modeling and Analysis

site modeling for bike park design and assessment

  • Producing 3D aerial images of an area that are accurate and measureable (distance, area and volume)
  • Documenting progress on a construction project
  • Exporting models into other software for additional analysis and conceptual design, like CAD or Sketchup
  • Planning restoration or maintenance projects
  • Mapping an existing site (bike parks as an example) to look for ways to improve safety and/or usability

What are common Site Modeling deliverables ?

site analysis - point cloud created from drone photogrammetry

Point Clouds

A point cloud is an image made up of many individual points on an object’s surface. Point clouds created from drone photogrammetry have elevation, location and color information embedded in each point. Point clouds have many uses in various industries including 3D modeling.

EXPORT AS: las, laz, ply

textured mesh of a school and playground

3D Textured Mesh

It is made by creating small triangles between the points in a point cloud. After adding color information, the resulting model is a textured mesh that includes both the shape and surface texture of the object or environment. 3D meshes from drone photogrammetry can be used in a variety of applications, including surveying, construction, and urban planning.

EXPORT AS: ply, fbx, dxf, obj