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Who We Are

Stephan is the owner of Planet Zero Gravity, LLC. He has a very unique background that combines a broad range of skillsets helping him plan and visualize outdoor projects. Stephan has an MBA from the University of Hartford, but much of his prior schooling includes a concentration in technology and computer science. Before forming Planet Zero Gravity, he worked for the CT Department of Economic Development and a commercial real estate company. Stephan also holds a certification in Sustainable Trail Design, Construction and Maintenance, and is a skilled heavy equipment operator. When not working, Stephan enjoys mountain biking, hiking and competing in off-road triathlons.

When not helping Stephan, Donna has a career in recreation , events and creative content management through her company Positive Image Development. She has a masters degree in Physical Education and undergraduate degree in Social Science Education. Donna loves all things outdoors and was a competitive swimmer through college.

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A Sustainable Outdoors

Planet Zero Gravity’s mission is to create a more sustainable outdoors is who we are . We strive to get more people outside to enjoy the beauty of nature and help them stay healthy. We want to build sustainable trails and parks that are fun to hike and bike. Our goal is not to just provide our services in rural areas, but also to offer better access to these amenities in urban areas.

Bike Parks for instance are a great way to fill vacant lots in cities where space is at a premium. We use the latest technology to make informed decisions.

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