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Precise Geospatial Data Delivered Quickly and Safely in the Format You Need

Why us?

1. Planet Zero Gravity knows the importance of accurate data to help with the planning, assessing, monitoring and promoting of your project. We use drones with RTK technology for precise georeferrenced deliverables.

2. UAVs can map and area more quickly and safely than people on the ground. Much of traditional surveying is being replaced by drones.

3. We offer deliverables that include 2D orthos, 3D point clouds and textured meshes, elevation maps and contour maps. These can be exported to a variety of file formats to be used by many different planning and modeling softwares.

4. We have additional skillsets and certifications that not many other drone service providers can offer – GIS mapping and trail design (in which we hold a certification). Combining drone imagery with GIS maps is one of our specialties.



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